Waste Connections of Nebraska provides a variety of trash and recycling services for commercial and industrial customers. For small to mid-size businesses, we provide front load and rear load trash service containers ranging in size from a 2 yard up to an 8 yard. Service on these containers ranges from on-call, once a month, every other week, once week or up to 6 times a week. Prices are dependent upon the service selected and the service area. For larger businesses (manufacturing and industrial customers), we offer hauling services for open top roll-off containers and compactors.


We also offer recycling services for businesses in most areas. Two programs are available, each with optional recycling programs for open top roll-off containers and compactors:

Co-mingled or Single Stream Recycling

With our co-mingled recycling program, we will recycle aluminum and tin, paper, cardboard and plastics #1 - #7 in one container. The container sizes for this service range from a 2 yard to an 8 yard.

Cardboard Only

With our cardboard only recycling service, front load containers are provided and hauled up to 2x per week.

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